About Us


Columbus Modern (CoMo) Dance Company is a part-time professional modern dance company located in Columbus, OH. Made up of dancers from around the United States, the company has an athletic, entertaining style. Many of our company dancers hold degrees in dance from various national universities such as University of Notre Dame/Saint Mary's College, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Agnes Scott College, Radford University, Case Western, and Ohio University. Our dancers are well-trained in various modern techniques, with supplemental training in ballet. Many of our dancers have also studied composition and contribute their choreography to the company repertoire. CoMo Dance Company enjoys working with a variety of local and national guest choreographers, and our dancers can adapt to many styles. At CoMo Dance Company, our philosophy is “Be Entertained. Be Included. Be Fulfilled.” CoMo provides a community where highly passionate and educated individuals can have both a fulfilling family/career life and a professional dance career.

Premiering with our 2016 Season, CoMo introduced our second company — CoMo II, made up of our company apprentices, interns, and pre-professionals. Experienced dancers are invited to continue their technique training & begin to learn company repertoire as company apprentices. CoMo also invites current or incoming college students to intern with the company, combining technique classes with a project related to the field of dance. For current advanced high school students, CoMo offers select dancers the opportunity to train with CoMo II. This intensive training helps provide the modern dance experience necessary for auditions and college-preparation.

CoMo is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Interested dancers should read our audition information to learn about opportunities to dance with CoMo or CoMo II.